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Treatspace is a secure patient relationship platform that powers customer services for medical practices with tools and features that strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and protect and promote the on-line reputation of medical professionals.

Secure Messaging, Appointment Requests and Mobile
Posted on 02/17/2014 15:39

Treatspace announces Release 2.4.0.  This provides key features that power the world’s most innovative enterprise health network.

New Features Include:

TreatMail™ (Beta):  Our messaging platform which delivers secure communications for your health networks.  After Treatspace users customize TreatMail settings, they can message other participating members (remember, not all members are participating yet) directly or communicate with a group of other participating contacts.  We even built in options for secure forwarding which allows routing of TreatMail to another Treatspace member.  This feature is accessible through your Treatspace dashboard once logged in.

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